Podcasts and tales of roadtrips past

Published on 4th Sep, 2012 by Brad K

A really big dog we saw in Las VegasI am a big fan of podcasts.  The only trouble is that I work from home so I don't have a lot of opportunity to listen to them (no commute).  That is just one reason why I love road trips!  For some reason or the other, one of my favourite things to do drive.   Specifically, drive really far in short periods of time. Already this year, I have driven over 17,000 KM during 3 road trips. Trip 1) Matt, Brad and I went from Winnipeg to Los Angeles to attend the final taping of the Diggnation podcast. We of course stopped by Vegas (and lost a bunch of money) for a few days before we went to LA. We didn't stay too long in LA and decided to drive to Dallas, Texas to go to six flags. I know there is a six flags in LA, but the lines were too long and we wanted more adventure, so Dallas it was! Trip 2) I went to Dallas, San Antonio and Corpus Christie with the wife and a couple friends or perhaps better put, a friend couple. I enjoyed driving from Winnipeg to Oklahoma city in one stretch.  It must be the opportunity to drink gallons of coffee and eat crappy food that makes me love driving for so long. Trip 3) Again, I was off to Dallas.  This time for a Startup Weekend and a few other matter that had to be taken care of.  I drove straight from Winnipeg to Dallas for this one.   This was my first solo road trip and I really enjoyed the time I got to reflect on things.  I am hoping to get a few more of these in this year.  Perhaps to the east coast! Anyways, enough rambling about the past.  Brad and I (yes, two Brads) are leaving this Friday to drive up the west coast.  We are both pretty excited about this.   The plan is, although we are not big on planning, to drive from Winnipeg to Los Angeles (we will make a stop somewhere in-between).  After we hang out in LA for a bit, we want to head to San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver.  Should be a lot of miles to put on that poor rental car.  The only thing we are planning for this trip besides a rough itinerary is the podcasts and audio books we will listen to while we drive.  In this search I came across some most excellent podcasts by HowStuffWorks. I have only listened to two or three of them, but they are very interesting and entertaining.  Some of my favourite so far: STUFF MOM NEVER TOLD YOU PODCAST COOLEST STUFF ON THE PLANET PODCAST OFFICIAL STUFF OF GENIUS PODCAST OFFICIAL STUFF TO BLOW YOUR MIND PODCAST STUFF THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW PODCAST Besides the  HowStuffWorks podcasts, I absolutely love This American Life.  If you have any recommendations, I encourage you to leave them in the comments below!