Startups and Winnipeg - a much colder silicon prairie

Published on 3rd Sep, 2012 by Brad K

Wow, have I ever been busy over the last 6 months or so.  One of the projects I have been working on is Ramp Up Manitoba, a non-profit local tech startup organization right here in my hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Simply put, Ramp Up Manitoba is a collision between entrepreneurs, developers, and designers focused on increasing the number of technology startups in Manitoba.  Our first goal is to connect great ideas with the talent needed to launch them.  We already have three meetups down and the response has been overwhelming. Our meetups are all about sharing ideas. We encourage local Winnipeg entrepreneurs to demo their products, get a lot of feedback (both positive and negative!) and network with other people doing or trying to do the same thing they are. (Build great tech businesses in Winnipeg).  I have already seen awesome demos of some fantastic Winnipeg grown technologies, like: PO-MO - Interactive floors and walls built with consumer hardware. Joist App - Create estimates, send invoices, manage projects and accept payments from an iOS device.  Think of it as freshbooks for contractors! LeanLobby - A customer notification system using SMS messages instead of those buzzer things you see in restaurants.  Very similar to a project I worked on with a team at Startup Weekend in Dallas. The number one priority we are addressing now is the lack of a co-working space in Winnipeg.  The three of us have been hard at work trying to find a suitable place and get all our ducks in a row!  We are hoping to be making an announcement about this in a month of two. In addition to Ramp Up Manitoba, I put on (with the help of my organizing team) Winnipeg's first Startup Weekend.  The event was a great success and really laid some groundwork to make our next Startup Weekend even better.  A lot of great apps were created and everyone had a wonderful time.  You can read a more in-depth article about Startup Weekend Winnipeg on D'Arcy Lussier's blog (one of the co-organizers).  

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